Years three & four

Bread and Fishes

And the bright sun to warm us.. this Summer term Year 3/4 researched, baked and wrote recipes for Egyptian bread and, all of a sudden, the garden is flowing with fish as the Year 1/2 class did more weaving – this time using natural materials gathered from our own garden. Saboob Bread – The year 3/4 class munched their way

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Knex 2018

On Wednesday 28th November, we were delighted to welcome back our Knex experts: Diane, Keith, Peter and Mrs Thomas to help us with a new Knex challenge.  This time, we had to collaborate in pairs to design and build a vehicle that could carry unusual and precious cargo, namely a PE shoe and a rubber!           As

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Lea Green activity day

On Wednesday 14th November, the children in year 3 and 4 enjoyed a visit to Lea Green activity centre.  Our main purpose, was to practise the orienteering skills we had learnt at school but in a bigger and stranger environment!  After a safety and information talk, we were let loose with a map to find the five controls hidden all

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Water fight and French ice-creams!

There are lots of traditions at Turnditch school, and the annual year 3 and 4 water fight is now firmly fixed as one of them.  Here are some action shots!  Later in the day, the children learnt how to ask for their ice-creams in French before enjoying them after their exhausting morning!

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Mount Cook

A selection of action shots taken on our recent residential!

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Well Dressing materials needed

We’ve designed it, smoothed the clay in and pricked the design out, so this week it’s all about filling the well dressing in!  If you are able to bring in anything natural (leaves, flowers, petals) to help us then that would be fantastic, it’s amazing just how much we need to make the design complete.  We especially are looking for

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Well Dressing 2018

It’s the turn of year 3 and 4 to undertake this year’s well dressing, which will be displayed in Wirksworth at the end of May.  We have looked at the history of well dressing and the children will be designing their ideas in class this week. To get some ideas, children could look at this website at home. We

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Fantastic Mr Fox books needed

For the first few weeks of the summer term, year 3 and 4 will be using Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl in their literacy lessons.  If you have a copy of the book, you may find it helpful to bring it to school.  Don’t forget to pop your name in the front!

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Choir at the Cathedral

Our year 3/4 are practising hard every Friday ready for a singing event at Derby Cathedral on the 23rd of May. Here are the backing tracks for the songs we are preparing – Versions with words will be posted soon. Amani Utupe (backing track) Father In Heaven (backing track) Welcome Everybody (backing track)    

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Green grows the garden – With a bit of help!

  We are busy working on the challenge of growing all our produce and flowers from seed this year. Lots of children are filling in the gardening diary as we learn about how to sow the seeds we won as part of the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Level 4 Award for School Gardening. Year 5/6 are embarking on their challenge

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