Years five & six

Sportshall Athletics Success

We are so proud of the effort and behaviour our representatives from year 5 and 6 showed at the Rural Derbyshire Finals of Sports Hall Athletics this week. They are writing up their review of events but these photos show a smiling team of Silver medal winners! Sportshall Athletics Joe, Harry, Charlie, Rafferty, Finlay, Autumn, Ellie, Casey, Alyssia and Millie

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Cropping and Cutting – lesson 2 sporting icons

In our computing lessons we are learning to change and manipulate images. We have begun to look at snipping and choosing elements of images.   Our PE is important to us as you can from our sporting heroes here. Our second lesson carried on with our topic of circulation, sport and wellbeing.         We have learned how

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Brass Concert

What a brilliant finale to our Derbyshire Wider Opportunities lessons! Year 5/6 sang and played 6 mature, fun, musical, complicated pieces for the whole school and their parents. Thank you so much to Mr Jones and Miss Mullin for engaging the children with such ambitious pieces of music. I am sure a few of the children will add their reviews

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Fire Safety Visitor

We were very lucky to be visited by our local Fire prevention officer on Wednesday. She spent all afternoon working with years 1 and 2 and years 5 and 6. We looked at the risks around the house which might cause a fire. We discussed what made a fire and how the Fire Service controls a fire by breaking the

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Look what’s in circulation

In year 5 and 6 we are examining the body’s circulation system and asking brilliant questions about the body. Our starting block was BLOOD! We made smoothies with items that were similar in size and proportion to the contents of blood and discussed the function of each component. Children drew characters showing their understanding of each components function whilst sipping

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Kabaddi – PE

This term we have been carrying on our progress in invasion and zonal games. We explored the Indian sport of Kabaddi. We used our rugby tags rather than capturing and tagging. We practised agility and physical literacy, we used maths to collect numbered counters whilst avoiding defenders. What we think….. I have enjoyed our time playing kabaddi with my class

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A Demostration of Democracy

In our recent class assemblies Year 6 have been looking at the British value of Democracy. We have looked at the role model figures of the suffragettes and the right to vote. We have discussed the origins of the words parliament, government and democracy. In our final assembly time before the General Election date we looked at being the government

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World War 2 Ration Cooking

Year 5/6 are so lucky to have a parent volunteer helping them make batches of Ginger Bread Biscuits this half term. Thank you so much. This great opportunity has allowed the children to discuss so many elements of different subjects –  The availability of food in the war due to rationing.  Measuring amounts in weight and comparing imperial measurements.  Reading

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National Holocaust Centre

Year 5 and 6 visited the National Holocaust Centre and Museum this week to further develop their understanding of the period around the Second World War. They heard the testimony of a Kinder Transport survivor – Steven Mendlesson. He recounted his childhood in a German town, his school days, his scrumping exploits, the effect the rise of the Nazi ideology

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SSP Regional Rugby Finals

Some of our Year 6 children took part in the Small School Sports Partnership Regional Rugby finals at Lady Manners school this week. We came 5th and enjoyed four very different games of rugby with two wins and a draw among them. The children will be writing up their reports once we are back in school. Well done to the

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