Gardening Club – Ten

Chapter Ten

A rainy week – but one of good things.

1 – We tried a bit of macramé to make hanging pot holders.

2 – We received a lovely gift of some attractive cube planters – caused a little maths – and we have sown salad seeds in to them to make a food centre near our new herb bed.

4 – We planted up some pots with verbena, petunia and lobelia.

5 – Yes, there wasn’t a number 3.

6 – We weeded and found bulbs in our containers.

7 – We heard a “hissing” in the bushes near the tool shed ( the site of the robin nest last year), intrigued we sat and waited and listened. In shot a robin, more noise, out flew the robin! Another nest  – which is so exciting.

8 – A guest passed by and sowed some radish seeds too!


Next week we are going to investigate what these taste like!

The Crazy Eights…

What a special Summer Evening.

We, big breath,

earthed up potatoes; built bean and pea canes; potted on and planted on courgettes, kale, cabbage and tomatoes; cleared space and planted up the toilet; topped and tailed our bulbs AND watered all the plants.

We also found a caterpillar that stuck a gardener’s thumb and we will hunt down the species tomorrow.

Gardening Club – Magnificent 7!

We let go the end of SATs feeling – and what a better place to celebrate mental health week, relaxation, fresh air and international Day of the Teacher in the GARDEN!

This week enjoyed a warm evening club to ….

Empty all the strawberries out of the old bed and take quite a few home to new gardens.

Learn about using moss and other materials to line hanging baskets.

Paint bug and bees for new noughts and crosses games on logs in the yard.

Hunt dandelions.

Sow blueberry seeds and also pine nuts we found in cones up at the village hall.

Thank you to any donors or lenders these recent weeks.


Gardening Club –  half a dozen

And back to typical English weather – a drizzle filled afternoon.

We managed to pull a lot of bulbs from pots and begin to prepare them for storing, replacing them with the geraniums we managed to over winter and re-pot.


We did some ratio and measuring to plant onion sets in the new  – repurposed sand pit raised bed, alongside the garlic and the leeks we also sowed today.



The younger team finished weeding the long sunny bed and transplanting strawberries there.

They were happy to see how successful their planting on had been.


We also discussed tilthe and planted aubrieta directly in to a bed. Some broccoli seedlings were experty potted on as well.







Garden Club V

A sunny return after the Easter break.

We uncovered the bean bed from its warm fleece and planted on seedlings.

We sowed peas and a few other seeds.

The older children showed great care in potting on new seedlings and also planting the new potato bath up.

We attacked two beds to rehome the strawberries – as well as filling a few more wellingtons. all in preparation for moving the beds around and extending our greenhouse space.

We looked the artichoke and also a small worm / larva that Joseph found with a sting in the tail!

Garden club part four

April showers made us head indoors this week to investigate seeds and to sow a range of herbs and a “sensitive” plant that we received the seeds for via the RHS.

We took some time to investigate the difference between a centipede and a millipede – doing a little word and maths work along the way, linking pedestal and pedestrian, gastropod and tripod etc.

We put some time in to our first “water”feature too.



Garden the III

What a busy bunch the gardening club are. This week we ..

  • watered
  • turned over the compost and sifted some more out
  • sorted seeds, discussed the labelling on packets
  • sowed seeds of various types
  • pruned more shrubs for the new growing area
  • found a beast of caterpillar that needs identifying
  • discussed games for the garden
  • planted on a raspberry in the soft fruit bed

Next week .. the garden needs  a clean..

so we have a bath!


Round 2 of this Spring…

Today we..

  • Sorted a good deal of compost and discussed the process and what good soil was.
  • Sorted a lot of seeds and even sowed one mystery set!
  • Weeded the runner bean bed; fed it lots of the sifted compost and covered it with recycled fleece to warm up.
  • Spotted all sorts of wildlife – looking at millipedes and centipedes – whilst a few were moving jobs to avoid worms and bees!
  • Began to prune a way in to the bushes for more growing space.
  • Gave the herbs a hair cut.

Gardening club rocks (literally, in this wind) back in to action today.

We have started the cleaning up process after the winter.

Today’s brave bunch attacked the following jobs…

  • Weeding the bulb pots
  • Planting some wayward bulbs in pots

  • Planting over wintered broad beans
  • Planting some hardy over wintered sweet peas and learning how to pinch out the heads
  • Sowing some peas
  • Clearing the brassica bed ready
  • Beginning to transplant the strawberries to wellies as we change the beds around for the (kindly donated) recycled greenhouse
  • Ate some kale!

Well done – and more than enough jobs to fill in next week and lunchtime.