We are coming to knock down the walls…

In year 5 and 6 our topic has been medieval times.

We have built castles, looked who lived in them and why, even how to dress them in hand dyed fabrics!

We have made siege engines to defend ourselves.

Here are some reviews –

I really enjoyed making my trebuchet because we got to use woodwork tools, decorating it. If you wanted to be an engineer then you have got a bit of experience .I really liked measuring the wood so you know it is the right length.


It was a lot of fun making the mangonel. Though my favourite part was testing how far the mangonel could go, I added an extra elastic band and this made the mangonel go a long distance as it went 170cm. it was really fun to make and not too hard. Georgina 
I found making my mangonel really fun because l got to experiment with different types of wood and shapes when we made it, I also had fun when we got to test it and make it better because we got to share each other’s ideas and help each other! One of the things I did find hard was drilling through the wood! Because it was hard to Keep in the right space and the rebate joint because when using the chisel to hammer through the wood!   Olivia HI had so much fun making the mangonel especially using the saws. I found drilling a bit hard because it kept slipping away. I really liked getting Ideas from other People and getting to sit next to my friends and being able to talk and work at the same time. I think my favourite thing was when I  painted them. I painted it blue and yellow to represent my flag for my army (it looked really cool) and I really liked it. We are doing Medieval Britain and in that time they used catapults to raid other castles such as mangonels and trebuchets and if you would like to make something medieval like then build something like this! Olivia R
I really enjoyed making my trebuchet   because we got to use saws and drills and other fun stuff but the best thing was testing it out if you want to make one you can it’s not hard. James G