Year one & two

Bread and Fishes

And the bright sun to warm us.. this Summer term Year 3/4 researched, baked and wrote recipes for Egyptian bread and, all of a sudden, the garden is flowing with fish as the Year 1/2 class did more weaving – this time using natural materials gathered from our own garden. Saboob Bread – The year 3/4 class munched their way

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Infant Water Fight

Here are some action shots from our end of term water fight. The weather was beautiful, the children enjoyed themselves and so did their teachers.  

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Black Rocks

The infants and infant staff enjoyed a wonderful day exploring at Black Rocks. To begin the day we split off into year groups and made large faces using natural materials. On our long walk we learnt all about the High Peak Railway and even saw the wreckage of an old station wagon. We were also lucky enough to find a

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The Infants are growing (a bean stalk)

What lives up the bean stalk? How did it grow so tall? Can we grow our bean stalks? The Infants have been planting, writing about and studying the germination process following on from the wonderful book – “Jasper and the Bean” and the traditional tale “Jack and the Bean Stalk”.        

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Wonderful Windmills

Our infant children have completed their miniature windmill models this week and we are very proud of them.

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Space Centre Mission Accomplished

We had a wonderful time at the International Space Centre in Leicester learning all about rockets and our amazing solar system. We watched a super film in the planetarium and spent the afternoon making and testing rockets. The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to the shop to spend our money and a snooze on the coach. O

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Windmill Model Making

This week our infant children began making their windmill models in pairs. They successfully constructed the walls of their windmills following the safety rules. The children cut their wood to size using rulers, pencils and hacksaws. They then created the trianglar shaped walls by sticking their pieces of wood onto coloured card. They are very much looking forward to building

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Making Wind Turbines

Our design and technology topic this term is wonderful windmills. We have been researching how windmills work around the world and this week have been learning all about wind turbines. We had so much fun designing our own miniature wind turbines and the children worked extremely well in small groups making and testing their successful creations. Click on the link

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Pancake Day

We had lots of fun in the infant classroom today measuring ingredients and making pancakes. We also designed our own pancakes and made acrostic poems all about them.  

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Fruit Jelly

The infant children have been learning all about healthy eating and balanced diets. This week they made fruit jelly.

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